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We're gearing up for the 1.8 release of Cubeia Firebase which will include native server-side support for HTML5 in the form of WebSockets and Comet, and naturally we want to make sure the performance is up to our normal standard. In this article we'l compare the standard Firebase binary socket communication with web sockets.

This article looks at a simple scalability scenario using so called "singleton" configurations of Cubeia Firebase 1.7 Enterprise Edition. It is looking at high load scenarios on limited hardware, and will discuss the implications of the test result.

This article describes how we used JBoss Cache to create a clustered load server solution for our Java based load tool.

You want me to load test what?

At my previous place of work and currently at Cubeia, I am working with high capacity multiplayer systems. Our current game server, Firebase, is targeted to handle tens of thousands of concurrent players. One problem one quickly realizes when working with high capacity systems is that you need to verify the capacity by load testing it continuously.