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Cubeia Poker, Casino & White Label

Bitcoin/Crypto White Label

Cubeia Nano was built from the start to work very well with Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. At Cubeia we have been working with Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies since 2013. Crypto is almost the perfect currency to use for online gambling – it is fast, permissionless and there are no chargebacks etc.

When we designed Cubeia Nano we decided to make an effort to streamline the user experience around crypto as much as possible. The end result is a very user friendly and semaless experience bar none. The payment UI is completely integrated inside Nano and allows for frictionless payments in and out.

Cubeia Nano supports over 1,400 cryptocurrencies and tokens via our payment integrations. If you want to run a Bitcoin casino, Bitcoin sportsbook, Bitcoin poker or any other crypto gambling related site, come talk to us!