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Cubeia Poker, Casino & White Label

Cubeia Poker Portrait View

We are proud to announce that no longer do you have to flip your phone to be able to play Poker. With a comfortable one-hand grip, you can now play Poker in Portrait mode, with no less features than normal (actually more – in Portrait mode, you now have a wider range of future actions)!

The solution we present is a smooth middle-of-table perspective with the table border at the edge of the screen (barely visible in the photo, due to the action buttons in the bottom).

The current Portrait mode supports most of the common Poker variants, such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 5/7 Card Stud and more. We are currently still not supporting Open Face Chinese Poker in portrait mode, as that has given us some additional layout challenges.

In the near future, Cubeia plans to implement support for the last few games, but is already seeing popularity rise with the new way of playing Poker. We are convinced that the popularity of this feature is here to stay.