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Cubeia Poker, Casino & White Label

Cubeia Launches New Operator and Game

Cubeia is constantly expanding not only its poker network, but also its game library, and the latest addition is the game Oh Hell Stackpot™. The game is a gambling variant of Oh Hell, the popular trick taking card game, available as Cash Games, Sit & Go’s and Tournaments.

The game is about guessing how many tricks you can take with your given hand, and then try to take that exact amount of tricks. If you succeed, your ante will be paid back to you, plus a bonus based on how many tricks you took. If you fail, your ante (and the antes from all others that also failed) will stack in a table pot that persists until next hand. The table pot will then be used to increase the trick bonus for next hand!

Unlike Poker, there is no such thing as a bad hand. It is always up to you to make the best out of the hand you are dealt. Some of the problems that regular Oh Hell has (such as extensive zero-bidding and not being able to recover if you’re behind) are completely eliminated as a consequence of this new monetary system.

The operator is called Hell Club and the site is a dark and brooding environment based around the concept of Hell. The players are demons, the table currency is Hellcoins, and the game is played on a pentagram altar! You can play for real money (Euro) or for fun.

The operator celebrates its launch with a €1000 Oh Hell Stackpot™ Freeroll Tournament on Sunday September 23 at 6pm CET! Don’t miss it!

Happy gambling!

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