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Released: Firebase 1.7.3 Community Edition

We’ve now release Firebase 1.7.3-CE, so what’s up with that? Well, there’s a few of bug fixes, but the main feature is…

  • Native encryption and SSL support!

That’s right, previously we had the native encryption enabled in Firebase Enterprise Edition only. But on popular demand, it is now available in CE as well. The two different encryption protocols supported natively by Firebase are:

  • SSL: This is what you probably should be using, unless you have a flash client, in which case, see below…
  • Native encryption: This is an “SSL lite” implemented natively in Firebase in order to support Flash clients.

So what should you use? My recommendation is to use SSL whenever possible. But sometimes generating and maintaining an SSL certificate is too cumbersome, or you can’t get the Flash SSL to work, then the native encryption is almost as good.


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