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Most of the times when working with online games we run into the need to persist data that is produced by the games. This can be anything from hand history to game state to audit trails for remote calls to other systems. But what they usually have in common is that it is high volume writes, hardly any updates, some reads and that the data has large variation in what we need to store even if it is within the same context. That last part about the data having variations is what makes this interesting. Take hand history for instance, we want to save events that are executed on a Poker table. On a Poker table many things happens - player join and leave the table, bets are made, cards are dealt, players get more chips etc. etc. These individual events might have a very different set of attributes; a raise will be type of action (i.e. raise) and an amount, but a player making a buy in will have completely other attributes. So how can we best solve this with the lowest complexity?